Love, Lust, Infatuation :  Disillusion, Loathe, Hate.

     To put it simply, these feelings that are divided by the finest of lines are merely mirror images of one another.

Classically we say that it’s our hearts and our minds that are not on the same page or the same side. I don’t believe that. I think it goes deeper than either. That impulsivity. It’s possible. To have your heart and your mind tell you the same thing while you actively dismiss them both. To want something so immensely and desperately wish to avoid it all in the time it takes to finish a single breath. How strange it is…to be at war with yourself in the privacy of your own thoughts. It’s possible; To be unsure which side of the mirror you are on.

She felt the world stop when she saw him notice her as he walked right by. No. She stopped, while never actually slowing down. Her breath was cut short, her heart clenched, every muscle in her body tried desperately to keep her in that exact spot; but she moved her feet anyway.


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