Always. I can’t exactly explain the infatuation I have with this particular word, but I’ll try.

From signing a letter to a loved one “Always yours”

To a declaration of love “I will Always love you”

Something about it has the hinting feeling of a gentle promise. Like there isn’t something out there that could take away the “always” you feel in that moment.

It does have some negative uses just as often if no more so.     “Why do you always have to do that?” Typically in these cases people use it out of frustration. Sometimes they try their best to retract whatever statement they used against somebody. But just as I said before, that “always” is what lingers most in people’s thoughts.

Always. It’s the closest humanly possible thing we can get to infinite.

“They will always be with you” A common way to ease the heartbreak, sure to come at some point in this life, of losing somebody you care deeply for.

Always. It has a comforting warmth to it that begs you to believe in it. Almost like magic.



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