It’s Temporary, My Dear

You will give your heart willingly

It’s light and soft, perfect and unblemished.

The butterflies flutter around with excitement.

This is breathtaking.

But something isn’t right. You can’t explain it but your heart knows that this just isn’t the right fit.

At some point you get it back.

It’s dim and cold, fearful and bruised.

Heavy armor encases it to prevent its destruction.

This is agonizing.

 I won’t lie to you, it hurts like Hell. It feels like the weight of it will crush you. Like the bruises will never heal. Like no matter how hard you try to explain it, nobody feels what you do.

Then despite all of that, your heart changes. As will you along with it.

It’s Radiant and warm, smart and strong.

Fitting perfectly in the place, deep down, you always knew it belonged.

This is right.

The lesson to be learned from all of this is that the pain and the heartache will fade. It is temporary. Don’t let it fool you into believing otherwise. Mourn the love lost, but don’t dwell on it, don’t let it consume you. Dry your tears. Revel in the light of day and the happiness sure to find you. Do not hide yourself because you are afraid of the dark times, for my dear, it is temporary.

I love the six of you immensely . You are my world. I know I can’t prevent your hearts from being broken in this life, but I will always lend my shoulder for you to cry on. I will always be your big sister. Shine on my loves.


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