A muse is a dangerous thing to find.

     It sparks inspiration and passion, and it’s wonderful and makes everything feel so natural and easy.

But tell me, what happens when you lose it? When words don’t come together so eloquently, and when the paintbrush doesn’t seem to glide across the canvas leaving a masterpiece in its wake. What happens next? When every note you write to a song seems oh so slightly off. When dancing doesn’t give you the feeling of grace in your every step. When you can’t remember what it feels like to fly because your entire body seems to have forgotten how.

     What happens next, my dear, is something exceptional.

     You find more, in yourself, in the lightness of day or in the friendly smile of passers by. In the smell of the grass after its been cut or in the sweet salt kisses of the ocean breeze. Let life be your muse, find the beauty in all the small things. When you do, embrace it, every single second. Be you. Your passion will ignite from the embers that never fully burned out. You are radiant. You are you.


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